Palm Fiber

paml Fiber

Palm trees belong to Arecaceae family. Palm trees mostly grown in coastal areas, these trees grows on its own. Palm used in the craft in this area is Indian fan palm or Palmyra palm. A tall columnar dioecious palm up to 30 - 60 cm in diameter with a very dark gray almost black trunk. Fan shaped leaves 90 - 140 cm in diameter, shining dark green, divided into 60-80 linear lance-shaped segments, folded along the midrib. It has a terminal crown of 30-40 leaves.

palm Fiber

The fruit is orange in colour and reddish black when ripe. It prevents soil erosion and protects natural wealth. Palm products are free from environment pollution. Apart from these, this palm provides employment to palm leaf craft artisans. Hence, programmes have been formulated with a long term view to grow and protect Palmyra trees, to create awareness among the public, to develop and completely utilize palm products industry, for improving the standard of living of the rural artisans.