Concentrate 85%

Concentrate 85%

Product Description

Milk Protein Concentrate is a concentrated protein preparation obtained through the ultrafiltration of fresh, pasteurized liquid skim milk which retains the proteins in their natural state and the same ratio between the proteins as for liquid milk. It is performed at low temperatures to prevent denaturing. These processes reduce the milk to just casein and whey protein fractions, giving MPC its unique composition.

The pods are of medium size and generally contain 3 to 5 seeds which vary in colour from white to brown depending on the variety. Angustifolius Lupins are well adapted to deep, sandy acidic soils, but are grown successfully on well drained duplex, medium textured and mildly alkaline soils.

Product Highlights

  • Low heat denaturation
  • Low lactose content
  • High nutritional value
  • High solubility
  • No additives
  • Natural amino acid profile

MPC is comprised of both whey protein and casein. Whey protein is absorbed very quickly by the body which is ideal for when you need it instantly such as after exercise. Casein is at the other end of the spectrum and absorbs very slowly, making it perfect for before bed. You could say that Milk Protein Concentrate combines the best of both worlds as it is comprised of both these types of protein. This makes it an ideal choice for between meals when you want something that absorbs slower than whey, but faster than casein.

MPC also makes an ideal pre-bed protein supplement (although calcium caseinate would be the preferred choice) due to the fact that there is a higher percentage of casein fractions than whey fractions. This helps prevent catabolism (muscle loss) during sleep, when the body is normally being starved of protein.

MPC is naturally high in Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and has an excellent overall amino acid profile. Amino Acids have a wide range of benefits ranging from building muscle to improving recovery after exercise.

Chemical Analysis

Moisture 6.00 % max AS2300.1.1 1988
Fat 2.00 % max AS2300.1.3 1988
Lactose 18.0 % max CALCULATED
Ash 8.5 % max AS2300.1.5 1988
pH (5% soln) 6.7 – 7.1 AS2300.1.6 1989
Protein (TN x 6.38) 70.0 % min AS2300.1.2 1991
Scorched particles Disc A / 25 g max AS2300.4.5 1994
Flavour & Odour Good AS2300.4.2 1994
Appearance & Colour Normal AS2300.4.2 1994
Phosphatase   10 ug p’n-phen/ml AS2300.1.10 1988
Inhibitory substances   0.003 ug/ml AS1766.3.11 1991

Microbiological Analysis

Standard Plate Count 30,000 /g max AS1766.2.1 1991
Coliforms ND / g AS1766.2.3 1992
Yeast & Moulds 50 / g max AS1766.2.2 1994
Coag. +Ve staphylococci ND / g AS1095.3.2 1986
Salmonella ND / 750 g PSL 1


20kg Multiwall paper sack with polyethylene liner Labeling
Milk Protein Concentrate (70%) 20 kg
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Milk powders on pallets

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