Coconut Fiber

coconut Fiber


It is believed to be of Indo-Malayan origin. Plentiful in the Coco and Nicobar islands where it is believed to be indigenous. Widespread and cultivated for centuries throughout the tropics in coastal areas of India, Bangladesh, etc.


New leaves arise from the center of the apical cluster from a bud known as cabbage. They take 1.5 yrs. from first appearance to their full development. The tree blooms in dry season and fruits ripen after 9 - 10 months.


Coconut has an auspicious importance in Indian culture.

Coconut palm is cultivated for it’s edible fruit. The fibrous fruit, coconut milk and coconut water are an important flavour in varied cuisines.

Coconut fiber (coir) is extensively used to develop products like bags, floorings, doormats, etc. Coconut leaves are woven, interlaced and plied to make fences, sheds and other products like baskets, boxes etc.

A coastal palm 20-30mts. tall, trunk marked in rings each year by the scars of fallen leaves and crowned by an apical cluster of huge 300 400cms. long feather-like leaves. It has an inflorescence with drooping spikes with basal female flowers with some male flowers, upper portion densely covered with male flowers. Fruit is round 25-37 cm with fibrous mesocarp and is commonly known as Coconut. The seed lies within the hard woody shell with 3 basal pores and the cavity is filled with coconut milk.

coconut Fiber

coconut Fiber

coconut Fiber